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Various Other Projects

An assortment of engaging projects exploring various technologies to produce interactive experiences. Utilizing tools such as physical computing, projection mapping, Blender, Maya, Unity, Processing P5.JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, 3D printing, and LED strips, among others.

I aimed to blend fun and education by highlighting facial pressure points using unique materials.


By sculpting a face mold based on a real human, I integrated LED lights to emphasize these pressure points. These lights were connected to an Arduino positioned beneath the face. Whenever a pressure point is triggered, a message appears on the screen, offering educational insights into the significance of pressure point health.


I produced a 3D animated video using Maya and Photoshop, which was then utilized as an NFT in a 3D art installation experienced through VR glasses.

I sought to enhance the experience of arriving home and departing while ensuring I never misplace my keys.


I conceptualized and developed a wall-mounted interactive key holder called the 'Hand to Help.'

Upon removing the key, a "goodbye" message is displayed on the monitor, while returning the key triggers a warm welcome back message.

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